Sunday, April 25, 2010


I raised the temperature to 240C, and promptly fried the insulator tape I was using. ("Rescue Tape" is not good above about 220C) I had initially tried "Rescue Tape," a silicon-based tape I found at a local store to keep the nichrome heater from shorting to anything, and it worked well at 200C. But at 240C, it would try to shrink too much, and ended up splitting down the side, exposing the nichrome. So I gave up on that, and ordered some Kapton online, like I should have done initially.

So, a week later it arrives, and I rebuild the heater. Now it goes all the way to 240C, and the ABS starts flowing like honey in a squeeze bottle. Now it extrudes quite well, in fact, faster than the X axis can move. So I just need to fine-tune the variables, and start printing...

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